10 gallon all grain brewing system

Price: $1,000

For sale is my 10 gallon all grain brewing system with single tier brew stand. I have used this system on about 30 batches on various beers ranging from lagers to stouts and works well. This is a hybrid system that utilizes three 115,000 BTU propane burners. For lower gravity beers you can achieve up to 12 gallons but limited with boil kettle. Works well with 5-gallon batches. System includes: Mash Tun and Boil kettle are 15.5 gallon stainless steel kegs three 115,000 BTU propane burners Various ½” silicone hoses with fittings All three vessels have 3-piece ball valves and soldered bulkheads Brew stand has 4 swivel locking wheels with high heat paint. Kettles sit on stainless steel sheeting to help deflect heat away from valves. 50′ of ½” copper coil in HLT, connects to water supply and will cool from boiling to 80 degrees in less than 15 minutes. Mash tun with copper false bottom, valve on inlet regulating flow along with 3-piece ball valve under false bottom. Hot liquor tank with 3-piece ball valve. Boil Kettle: 3-piece ball valve on outlet. Stainless steel cover. Food grade pump and filter on stainless steel rolling table 5 five gallon glass carboys, 6 ball lock 5 gallon Pepsi kegs. 4 dozen flip top 16 oz. beer bottles, two packages of rubber seals. Other brewing items. Please feel free to text or call with any questions to nine-three-one, 9-9-3, one-four-eight-eight. Payment cash only. Asking $1,000.00 but will entertain reasonable offers, not interested in low ball offers. Will consider delivering depending on destination. I work at home and can be flexible if you want to come and look.

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