Beer Making Equipment

Price: $350

All the equipment you need to make either beer or wine.  Includes beer making instruction book.


Two 5 gallon “Cornelius” or “Corny” kegs. Airtight with new seals.  Also have all the tubing and fittings to pressurize both tanks, plus taps.


Mash Tun w/ stainless bottom and spigot for starting the fermenting process.


10 gallon aluminum boil kettle w/ boil basket inside.


CO2 canister/tank for kegging, nearly full.


5 and six gallon fermenting buckets, one with spigot.


Bottle washer and dryer.


-Siphon hose bottle filler.  -Bottle capper tool. -Fermenting Airlocks. -Wine bottle corking tool.

-Bag of corks

-Various brewing filters. -Brewing funnel.  Brewing stirrers.

-Tap-A-Draft Tap.


-4 empty reusable beer bottles with sealing caps

-1 growler with spigot

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