Boilers, Brewhouse, Canning Lines, Fermenters, Brites, Centrifuge, Filters, Mill, Fruit Presses, Heat Exchanger, and more!

Listed: 09/21/2022

Price: $250,000

TexBev is selling off some extra equipment and there is a little bit of everything.

To keep it organized, we compiled it onto a single page:

Some of the items:

IDD Brewhouse
Andritz Centrifuge
Lots of Fermenters (FV)
Brite Beer Tanks (BBT)
Closed Top Wine Fermenters
DE Filters
Sasquatch Hammer Mill
Grist Case
Roller Mill
Lenticular Filters
Yeast Brinks
Fruit Presses
Extraction Tanks
Vacuum Concentrator
Plate and Frame Filter
Glycol Chiller
Heat Exchanger
Reverse Osmosis (RO) System

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