CLOSURE/ 15bbl BrewFab combi Brewhouse

Listed: 05/20/2024

Price: $24,900

**We can ship, and we do have financing options available!   …We were hired to decommission and sell this LIKE NEW brewhouse (12 batches brewed through this system before they closed). New, this brewhouse was right at $110k.. we are selling for MUCH less and helping these guys move forward .   We will be onsite with our crew and forklifts very soon . Please reach out now because this will be sold soon! Know we will have other items available for this closure (clt, ferms, brites, serving tanks, chiller, boiler etc). Here are the specs on this brewhouse: -15bbl combi-brewhouse Made by BrewFab: Mashtun over Hlt, Boil Kettle (2 large main vessels with other tank built in/ underneath for space savings) -Mash tun has rakes, CIP under grate, and some other nice add-ons. -Thermaline Dual Stage Heat Exchanger -Pumps, pipework, stand, control panel….and more!   * *This is currently in Tampa Florida. Again, if interested reach out early so we can have all arrangements made prior to us arriving. We CAN ship and we do have financing options   email me: [email protected] 708-548-8099

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