2x 55bbl Foeders $4,200

Listed: 10/16/2023

Price: $4,200

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2x 55bbl Foeders $4,200 ( $4,200 )
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Used Product Ad posted 1 min ago in Barrels by Timothy Shore

We have 2x 55BBL Foeders for sale. They have treated me well for the past 2 years. We acquired them from Jacks Abby who got them from Cellar 3. They are made by Taransaud. They have Cooling coils a bottom, font and top manway a 2″ bottom port. a 2″ front port and a 1.5″ front port. The tops are stainless. We used them for mixed culture brews. They hold tight and we’ve not had any leaks in 2 years.

The Foeders measure 7′ round at the bottom and 7′ high. They are also sitting on 26″ concrete bases. My best guess at the weight is 1400 lbs for the Foeders and 600 lbs for each base, with each Foeder having 2 bases.The bases are not connected to the tank and would ship as three pieces(two bases and the foeder).

The tanks have a full stainless steel top, with a side manway door  and a bottom 2″ valve. They are currently filled with beer containing Lacto, Pedio and 2x varieties of Brett. We’ll be processing the tanks soon and it would be ideal to time the shipment as close as possible to ensure that they still hold liquid when they get to you. The 55 bbl volume is total size. We fill the tanks until they come out the top to ensure all the wood stays hydrated. They come with concrete forklift able stands. asking $4,200 each or $8,000 for both.

Tim Shore

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