5bbl brewha single vessel X4

Listed: 10/03/2023

Price: $78,000

We are going to be upgrading our brew system in the coming months and are looking to move our 5bbl Brewha single vessel system. Pretty well everything you need to brew other than a recirculation pump and mill. We have used this system for about 2 years now and love it but beer demand has grown. Delivery of this system will take plave in coming months. Buyer must pay shipping and crating.

Whats included;

4x 5bbl BIAC vessels

Control panel

Gantry, Hoist and lifting beam

4x dual pump glycol chillers

200L hot liquor tank

Temperature controllers with temperature cords for each tank

Mash collinder

2x Grain bags

Hop basket

Spare elements

Brewha keg washer insert (never used)

Heat exchanger

Steam elbow

silicone hoses

Water flow meter (never used)

Stainless steel paddle

4x TCV temperature shut off valves

plus lots of extra parts and accessories for easy repairs

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