Listed: 11/27/2023

Price: $1,200

Used – 800 Liter – 1 Bar – Stainless Steel Pressure Tanks!


Manufactured in the 1990s & 2000s, these tanks were previously used to transport & store fruit flavorings/purees.


Constructed using 304 stainless steel, these containers have an 800-liter capacity and a 1 bar pressure rating.


The pressure rating allows these tanks to operate with versatility, making these ideal for fermentation, serving, storage, transportation, carbonation, and much more.


For ease of cleaning and sanitation, these containers do not have ports on the body. Ports can be added in order to accommodate racking arms, thermowells, carb stones, sample ports, or other production accessories required to fit your needs.


Here is the current setup for these tanks as-is:

  • 2.5″ butterfly discharge valve
  • 16″ manway lid on top
  • 1.0 bar PRV (on lid)
  • CO2/NO2 intake valve (on lid)
  • Stackable 3-high empty or 2-high full
  • Forklift tunnels at the base


Each tank has a 42″ diameter, a height of 68″ and weighs roughly 385 lbs.


Due to wear and tear, each tank is truly unique. The pictures are representative of what the entire fleet looks like, but your individual tanks may differ from the photos.


These tanks were in use before we received them. Therefore, we know they hold pressure and are in functional condition. We have requested for them to be rinsed of residue before shipping to our warehouse, so this is most likely the condition they are in, however the condition varies.


Please contact us if you have any questions, need further details, or would like a shipping quote.

[email protected]

(425) 686-4455

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