Stärker™ Pressure Containers – Austrian Made 2 Bar Brite Tanks!

Listed: 02/20/2023

Price: $10,000

Introducing the Stärker Stainless Steel Pressure Container from Cornerstone Stainless Containers – The definitive solution for your liquid storage & processing needs!!  


Stärker tanks are imported directly from our Austrian manufacturing partner, who has been producing high-quality processing containers for over 50 years.  


With sizes ranging from 225-liters to 2100-liters, our pressure containers are perfect for small and large-scale operations alike. They are rated for 1 & 2 bars of pressure, and can come as single-wall tanks or can be customized with glycol jacketing to meet your specific requirements.  


Stärker containers are designed with multiple ports, allowing them to function as brite tanks and streamline your processing operations. Whether you’re storing or processing liquids, our containers deliver exceptional performance and efficiency.  


Here is how a standard Stärker container is fitted:

· 16″ Manway Lid On Top

          · 2″ TriClamp Port On Lid

          · 1 or 2 Bar Pressure Relief Valve On Lid

          · CO2/NO2 Gas Intake Valve On Lid

· 1.5” TriClamp Port On Front Sidewall (x2)

· 1.5” TriClamp Port On Rear Sidewall

· 1.5” TriClamp Port On Conical Bottom

· 2” TriClamp/Butterfly-Discharge Port At Base

· Stackable When Empty Or Full (sizes under 2000-liter)

· 16″ Manway Lid On Top

· Forklift/pallet-jack channels at base

· Adjustable Feet For Leveling  


At Cornerstone Stainless Containers, we take pride in providing our customers with top-quality products and excellent customer service. We store our products in the U.S. to ensure fast lead times and easy access to our inventory.  


So why wait? Upgrade your liquid storage and processing capabilities today with the Stärker Stainless Steel Pressure Container.  


If you have any more questions, need any further details, or would like a shipping quote, please be in touch.  

[email protected]

(425) 686-4455

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