800-Liter Stainless 1.0Bar Pressure Tanks

Price: $1,200

I have 11 used aseptic 1.0-bar pressure containers that I’m selling as-is for $1200 each. They’re ready to be picked up in Stockton California, or I can provide a shipping quote, however the buyer is responsible for all shipping cost.


These tanks are 800 liters (211-gallon) with about 50 liters extra for head space. Each tank is 41.5″ in diameter, 68″ in height and weighs roughly 385 lbs. They’re rated for 1.0 bar of pressure (15 psi) and come with a pressure relief valve (PRV), also rated for 1.0 bar.


These containers we’re previously used for fruit purees. These tanks have no ports on the body, allowing for aseptic use which discourages bacteria growth. The pressure rating allows you to seal the contents, making these ideal for transport and storage of fruit purees, wine, cider, beer, dairy, jam, apple sauce, kombucha, meade, etc.


A colleague of mine can add tri-clover fittings to these ($100ea) and then you could use them as carbonating tanks or as fermenters (60-degree slope, for a total of 120-degree conical bottom). They would essentially be little brite-tanks.


Here’s the current set-up and how you would receive your tanks without alterations:

• 2.5″ butterfly discharge valve

• 15.75″ manway lid on top

• 1.0 bar PRV (on lid)

• CO2/NO2 intake valve (on lid as well)

• Stack-able (3-high empty or 2-high full)

• Forklift tunnels at base


Each tank has been inspected and cleaned to ensure that they function correctly. There is residue on the outside but they clean up nicely with a good pressure wash.  At this point, they’ve been sitting for about a year and some of the wearable pieces (gaskets, seals, springs, caps, etc) have dried out and cracked. You may end up needing to purchase a couple items before they’re ready for use but the container itself is structurally sound.


If you have any more questions, need any more details, or would like a shipping quote, please be in touch.


(425) 686-4455

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