Price: $2,300

Check out these incredibly efficient, Austrian manufactured pressure tanks that are perfect for storage, transportation, mixing, blending, carbonating, serving and much more!


These are single wall tanks and are rated for 1.0 bar of pressure (15 psi), making them idea to use as carbonation vessels or serving tanks. Their conical bottom (60-degree slope for 120-degree total cone) allows for fermentation that can easily be racked off.


These tanks have a height of 52 inches, a diameter of 45inches, and weigh roughly 300 pounds. This squatter design of these allow them to be stacked 2 high in a standard semi truck, making them very space efficient for transporting products.


Here is the current set up as they stand now:

-2.5″ butterfly discharge at the base

-16″ manway lid on top

-1.0 bar pressure relief valve on lid

-Gas intake valve on lid

-Forklift/pallet-jack channels at base


The MSRP for one of these is right around $3,000 but in an effort to free up space, we’re selling these at COST!


Limited inventory available so contact me right away if you’re interested and I’ll make sure we get you tanked up!


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