Complete Turnkey 15BBL Brewery

Listed: 08/05/2023

Price: $70,000

We just sold the buiding and must sell the equipment ASAP.  Priced reduced to $70K for quick sale!  Complete turnkey 15 Barrel Steam Heat Brewery for sale.   All vessels are heavy gauge stainless steel made in USA and/or Canada. Brewhouse includes Liquid Assets 15 BBL Kettle, Lauter Tun & Hot Liquor Vessels; DME 15 BBL programmable temperature control Mash Tun w/agitator; DME 30 BBL Hot Liquor Tank; Thermaline 2-stage Wort Chiller; 3 fixed pumps.  Other equipment includes 2 jacketed Liquid Assets 20 BBL fermenters; 2 jacketed Liquid Assets 30 BBL fermenters/unitanks; 2 jacketed Interior Stainless 30 BBL fermenters; 2 unjacketed Liquid Assets 15 BBL Brite Tanks; Burnam Boiler; Peerless Grain Mill; DME 1000 LBS Grist Hopper with load cells & two displays; DME CIP unit; Spadoni Plate Filter; Criveller Manual Keg Washer; Glycol Chiller; 2 Portable Pumps; Charcoal Water Filter; & misc. Hoses, Process piping & valves, CO2 & O2 equipment, etc.

Equipment Price:  $70,000 OBO.  Brewery is currently installed in St. Louis, MO.

Don’t need a whole brewery, we will sell the items you need.   Call/email for details.

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