15bbl US Built Brewhouse

Listed: 12/14/2023

Price: $55,000

15 BBL 2 vessel hard piped brew house with 37 bbl Hot liquor tank. In great condition and was recently producing award winning beers. This system is fabricated by Practical Fusion in Portland, Oregon using only certified U.S. steel. This brewer friendly system has these features; Mash tun w/multi point drain manifold is sized to accommodate a 15 bbl, 25 degree plato grain bill but would be compatible with batches of 9 – 10 bbl. A dedicated wort pump with VFD and valve stack for wort process flow routing. Large open grant that can relocated to use as a hop back. Heavy duty 5 H/P mash rake and grain out plow with VFD using oversized bearing stacks top and bottom. 4 piece water cut lauter screen with precise V slots. Lighter and more consistent than V wire screens. All stainless steel brew deck , stair and railing – no fiber. 3 circuit strike/sparge blending station. Functions are grist hydrator, sparge and underlet. Diaphragm cold water valve for accurate blending. Oversized Thermaline heat exchanger includes oxygenation assembly and analog thermometer. Flex Flo 3/4 H/P flex auger drive motor and gear box. Hot Liquor Tank is equipped with dedicated 1 H/P pump and hard piped recirculation circuit. Boil Kettle uses a Midco 300K BTU natural gas burner. Kettle stainless steel steam and burner venting is included. Priced for quick sale and well under current replacement cost. Make an offer! Equipment located in Eastern Washington and is plastic wrapped on a trailer ready for shipment.

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