10 BBL CraftMaster Stainless 2-vessel gas fired brewskid & fermenters

Listed: 03/23/2023

Price: $100,000

All equipment and tanks (with the exception of the chiller) were purchased from Craftmaster Stainless and are approximately 12 months old:

1) 10bbl 2 vessel Gas Fired Brew House incl. pumps and Burner

2) Stainless steel burner venting (Steam/Gas) blower motors and ductwork

3) (4) 10BBL Jacketed Unitanks

4) (1) 10BBL Brite Tank

5) 12BBL HLT 6) 20BBL Jacketed Unitank

7) G&D Glycol Chiller plus glycol lines and extra Sch. 80 pvc

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