Brewiks by Brew-Bev, Modular Brewhouses – 200L, 300L and 500L

Price: $000

Brewiks 200-liter, 300-liter and 500-liter are modular microbreweries suitable for pubs, inns, hotels and everyone who wants to start brewing and producing their own beer. The system is also suitable for existing breweries to utilize as pilot systems and for test batches of new recipes. The Brewiks brewery consists of two vessels. The main vessel, considered a Mash/Kettle, comes installed with an internal pipe heat exchanger and pump. Heating is done using the internal pipe heat exchanger within the walls of the vessel, also used in heat recuperation. The second smaller vessel, considered the Lauter/Whirl, comes with a grated false bottom and is easily removable for cleaning. The sparge nozzle on top has a full 360 range of spray. The vessel has a tangential whirlpool inlet at the side to create the whirl motion. The biggest advantage to these systems are their mobility, size, and easy installation. They can be installed and ready to go within a few hours. No tariffs or Duty Tax – Manufactured by Brew-Bev in Europe

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