Brewiks by Brew-Bev, Modular Brewhouses – 200L, 300L and 500L

Price: $24,436

Brewiks brewing equipment consists of two vessels. The main vessel being the Mash Tun is outfitted with a heater and pump. Heat is transferred from the heater to the wort via thermal oil. In this way, the wort is evenly heated and the enzyme activity is preserved. Our brewing equipment also uses heat recuperation for heating up cold water from the water supply network for sparging which negates the need of an additional hot water boiler. A tube heat exchanger installed in the wall of the tank cools the wort which allows for a smaller profile. One of the many advantages of this remarkable system is that clean-up is very easy and simple. The mixing system is unique and patented. For ease of use, the brewing process is controlled by an industrial touch screen computer and the temperature is controlled by a PID regulator for a precise and guaranteed heating process. The second vessel is the Lauter Tun which is also doubles as a whirlpool system. Modular Brewhouses starting under $25,000 *Pictured is 200L modular brewery; dog not included

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