*Price Reduced* 15BBL complete brewhouse w/30bbl HLT

Listed: 08/31/2023

Price: $125,000

30BBL DCI HLT w/steam immersion coil 15BBL 2 vessel brewhouse: Steam system -Marks Mash tun with rakes and false bottom -DCI Boil Kettle w/stack that vents through roof -DCI Grant tank (30 gal) -grant pump, wort pump, HLT recirc pump -Platform & Brew deck w/staircase, landing & railings -deck mounted strainers (2) -Control panel (Millerbernd) -Thermaline heat exchanger (2 stage – H2O & glycol) -Mill & Auger system -All necessary process piping -Valves, pumps, probes, thermometers, flow meter all included   Purchased in 2022 from Beaver Island Brewing (St. Cloud, MN)/ expanding brewery into a 2nd location / does not fit in the space we purchased   Please send email to [email protected] to inquire about further detailed information.

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