6 kettle beer brewing system

Price: $50,000

This was from a brew-on-premise beer brewing facility. A great add-on to a brewery looking to expand and add another stream of revenue. 6 kettle beer brewing system

  • Steam driven double wall jacketed kettles.
  • Kettles have the ability to return the steam through a condensate pump.
  • We brewed 5 and 15 gallon batches (plenty of head room for boil – probably 25 gallon total capacity
  • Kettles are all flow controlled through several valves, so you can drain one at a time and keep separate.
  • Attached Wort chiller will bring the beer from boiling temp to proper temp for yeast to get to work immediately.
  • Kettles were dismantled in such a way that allows them to easily be put back together – they are in two groups of three.

Counter pressure Bottle Fillers

  • These machines are very simple and safe to use.
  • There is an adapter they now sell which allows for the use of cans.
  • Purges container with c02 and then fills with beer.
  • They still sell these brand new and also offer replacement parts for them. Originally from Canada. https://hdpcanada.com/beverage-products-fillers/manual-fillers/

There are several other pieces of equipment that will be included that aren’t on the list. Things like kegs, measuring containers, thermometers, bowls, scales, and a mill.

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