20 BBL Turnkey Brewhouse for Sale!

Price: $250,000

We have a 20 BBL Turnkey Brewhouse for sale with ALL of the bells and whistles! This equipment was only used for 4 years and is already disassembled and in storage, ready for a new home immediately. All of the necessary components are included as this was a working brewery that was shut down in the last year. The steam boiler was purchased in CA for the low emissions/lownox requirements.  The food grade air compressor supplies more PSI than would ever be needed with this system. The details are as follows:

* Chicago Pneumatic QRS Food Grade Air Compressor

* Riello DG-900 RX300 LowNox/Low Pressure Steam Boiler

* 10 Cubic Foot Backwashing Carbon Filter

* 2 Cubic Foot Commercial Water Softener

* 13.5 HP G&D Chiller

* Alpha Malt Mill (3200 lb/hr)

* Stainless Steel Grain Hopper (80 Cu ft)

* Flex Auger System

* 20 BBL 2 Vessel Alpha Brewhouse w/steam heat & Full-automation

* Alpha Full-automation package (12” touch screen)

* SEW Eurodrive Motors

* Wort Micro-oxygenation Assembly

* Liquor Blending Flow Meter/Totalizer

* Large Wort Grant with Ultrasonic Liquid Level Automation

* 1 30 BBL Hot Liquor Tank

* 1 20 BBL Cold Liquor Tank

* 2 Hot/Cold Pumps with piping assembly

* 4 20 BBL Fermentation Vessels

* 2 20 BBL Brite Tanks

* 8 Vessel Cellar Temperature Control Panel

* Alpha “Wash Dog” 2 Station Automatic Keg Washer

* 40x40cm 40 plate filter press

* 1.5 HP CIP/Transfer Pump Cart

* 5 RTD Sensors

* 5 Glycol Valves

* Brewery Fittings (complete set)

* 5 Motorized Steam Valves

Please contact Seth at (408)592-7506 or [email protected] or [email protected] for any additional information. Cheers!

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