60bbl jacketed brite beer tanks/bright beer tanks/BBT

Listed: 08/15/2023

Price: $10,800

Standard product features: Brite Beer Tank w/ 20% head space. Design pressure 30-45psi or 2-3bar. Interior shell: SUS304, thickness 3mm. Exterior shell: SUS304, thickness 2mm. Interior and exterior finish bright polish to 2B, hygienic surface. Vertical tanks. Dual ports for racking and discharge/CIP with butterfly valve and fittings. Side man way door. Dimple glycol cooling jackets with glycol inlets and outlets. Polyurethane foam insulation, thickness 80mm/>3” on side and bottom. Fully welded exterior shell. 4 legs with levelling foot pads. CIP arm and spray ball. Vacuum relief at 2bar. Pressure relief valve at 30-45psi as standard. Sanitary pressure gauge. 1.5” sample valve. Carbonation/sinter stone with one way check valve. Quick connect gas valve. Lifting Lugs. Thermowell. 1.5”Additional blow off pipework. Shandong Chenma Machinery Co., Ltd Email:[email protected] Web: www.sdchenma.com Tel: +86-13789827830

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