2000L unitank in stock for sale

Listed: 06/01/2023

Price: $4,900

Mail:[email protected]

Product details:
*Effective capacity: 2000L,total capacity:2596L
*Boundary dimension:φ1510×H3107mm
*Dimple plate cooling jacket on tank body and conical bottom
*Insulation: polyurethane, thickness: 80mm
*Interior thickness: 3mm
*Exterior thickness: 2mm
*Dished head and taper angle 60°
*Thermowell with temperature sensor TP100
*Side manway
*Inner tank mechanical polishing and out plate surface protection ribbon polished on welds
*1pcs x Hops adding port
*1pcs x breathing valve
*1pcs x water sealed spunding valve
*1pcs x sample valve
*1pcs x racking arm
*1pcs x pressure gauge
*1pcs x CIP 360°spray device
*1pcs x drain outlet bottom
*4 heavy duty legs with leveling pad
*Max working pressure: 2bar
*Material: SUS304 outer shell. Interior Finish: Overall polishing ≤0.6μm,Completely acid washing and passivation without dead corner.Form a protection film inside tank.

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