10HL high quality brewery equipment from DGET

Price: $58,990

Brewhouse System features:
1-Stainless steel mash tun, lauter tun, boiling kettle and whirlpool vessels, or combined vessels.
2-Hot liquor tank and cold liquor tank are recommend. HLT will be heated the same with brew kettle.
3-SUS304 for all the vessels, and copper cladding is also available.
4-Agitator for the mashing, rake system for the lauter, milled false bottom and tangent inlet design.
5-Independent control panel for the brew house system, PID or penumatic valves control.
6-Completely brew house platform.
7-All pipings for the whole system.

Fermetation tank technical parameters:
• Interior/Exterior Tig welded 304 Stainless Steel
• 3mm interior tank wall thickness
• 2mm exterior shell wall thickness
• 70mm/80mm/100mm(available) polyurethane insulation on cone and cylinder
• 2B sanitary interior polish (pickled and passivated)
• 4N exterior polish (sanitary)
• Adjustable feet with anchor holes
• Operating pressure0.12
• Full rotating racking with DIN Fitting
• Full shadowless side manway door
• Pressure/vacuum relief valve
• Large dial pressure gauge
• Sample valve
• 4″ hop-port with handle and hook for dry hop bag
• RTD temp control thermowell
• Large dial temp gauge with probe
• CIP arm with spinning spray ball and 360 deg of coverage
• Dedicated blowoff tube
• 2 piece 12″ carbonation stone with ball valve
• 4 Stainless steel handle Butterfly valves
• 60 deg cone bottom with 25% head space

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