Nexcelom X2 Cellometer (Automated Yeast Viability Counter in less than a minute)

Price: $8,000

I’m selling my Nexcelom X2 Cellometer for $8,000 or best offer (original purchase price was >$13,000).  The nice thing about this instrument is that it allows for accurate yeast viability and even vitality counts in less than a minute!  No more manual counting with methylene blue under a microscope.  It also gives you statistics about your yeast or cells of interest such as size and accurately counts cells in clumps.  The reagents (such as yeast viability and vitality fluorescence dyes and dilution buffer) and counting chambers you need to buy from Nexcelom are cheap and costs approximately $2/test.  


Purchased in 2017 and in excellent working condition.  Used semi-regularly for about a year without issues.  Comes with a Pelican Case with all the appropriate cables, including the one you can attach to your computer (see photos).  You will only need a computer with the software installed and inexpensive reagents purchased from Nexcelom to do your yeast viability and/or vitality testing (other tests are also available with this instrument). I’ve thrown in some extra counting chambers that you can purchase from Nexcelom.  


See links below for more information.  Please let me know if you have any questions!

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