5 Barrel Brite Tank With Wheels

Listed: 05/22/2023

Price: $2,500

STOUT 5bbl stainless steel brite tank.



This 5 bbl brite tank is a popular tank for brewing craft beer, kombucha, cider and any other beverage that needs to be carbonated. This particular brite tank features wheels, which will allow the tank to be rolled out of your cold room for cleaning and/or kegging. Move the tank to the drain and water supply, eliminating the need for drainage and water in the cold room.


Quality-built and rated to 15PSI the Brite Tank receives the finished beer from the fermenter and can be used for carbonating or conditioning. It is perfectly matched to our 5 BBL brewing system for packaging or serving direct to the bar. When empty, use the CIP arm for thorough cleaning.

Two units available.

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