7BBL Brewhouse

Listed: 04/20/2023

Price: $10,000

Complete 7 BBL Brewing System for sale.

(1) dairy tank mash tun with false bottom, copper pipe sparge frame, grist hydrator, and platforms for 2 sides
(1) 7bbl stainless steel gas fired brew kettle with control panel, platform, condensation piping and flue piping
(2) 1-1/2 hp variable speed pumps with controllers
(2) dairy tanks converted to 1CLT and 1 HLT with motors and stirring devices
(1) heat exchanger and associated T/C piping and clamps
(1) Wort Grant
(2) System process hoses
(1) fabricated steel structure and catwalk for stacking HLT and CLT
This brewhouse has a fairly large footprint, but all in good and functioning condition.  Available to ship now, please contact for any questions!

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