Two head Criveller Keg washer

Listed: 12/08/2022

Price: $5,000

This keg washer unit is designed to rinse, caustic wash, sanitize and pressurize kegs. The unit is PLC controlled. The general sequence of the program is as follows:

Rinsing kegs with water and air to discharge possible product leftover
Caustic wash kegs and recover the caustic solution
Rinsing with water and air
Sanitize and recover the solution combined with CO2
Pressurize the kegs with CO2

Rinsing with water, washing with caustic solution and sanitation is enhanced by blowing compressed air or CO2. The discharge is also performed under air or CO2 pressure. This will minimize the time required to achieve this function and will also make sure that no product is left over inside the keg.

2 separate pumps and tanks for caustic and sanitizer
Caustic tank includes heating elements
20-22kegs per hour

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