7 BBL Brewery Equipment Set

Listed: 06/28/2023

Price: $48,000

The lion’s share of a 7-barrel brewery set-up, cleanly packed in a shipping container ready for easy pick-up. Items are listed below, sold as an entire lot.



•           7 BBL Hot Liquor Tank With 11 kW Element Stainless Steel Vats, Sight Glass, Temperature Controller, Uninsulated Lid, Float Switch


•           11 BBL Insulated Mash Tun with 3-Phase Mixer, Integrated Computerized Mixing Control and Temperature Interface with Panel Temperature Read-Out and Automatic Plotting, CIP Spray Ball, Custom Stainless Process Piping (all sanitary), Solenoid Valve for Filling with Automation System.


•           11 BBL Lauter Tun (elevated for easy grain-out) with Removable Screens, Clog-Proof Custom Sparge Spreaders, Man Door, Process Piping, Stainless Piping, Solenoid Valve for Filling with Automation System. Wort Grant with Electronic Control, Pump, Stainless Process Piping (all sanitary)


•           7 BBL Brew Kettle, Direct Fire (Propane Triple Burner for Variable Heating), Temperature Controlled, Integrated Control on Panel for Temperature and Water Addition, Condenser Manifold for Kettle Allows for Installation Without Roof Access, Stainless Process Piping (all sanitary). Dennis Hopper Included (Butterfly Valve and Hop Addition Hopper), Solenoid Valve for Filling with Automation System.


•           7 BBL Dedicated Insulated Whirlpool with Tangential Recirc Port, Hop/Trub Barrier, Sight Glass. Includes Screens to Double as Additional Lauter Tun, Stainless Process Piping (all sanitary) 1.5 Hp Thompsen Brewhouse Pump With VFD, Flow Sight Glass and Stainless Process Piping (all sanitary) Oversized Heat Exchanger with Filter Screen, Yeast Injection Port, O2 Stone, Thermometer, Valves, O2 Flowmeter. Control Panel With C-More Touch Screen, Three Temperature Controllers, Aforementioned VFDs, Contactor for HLT Heating Element, ClickPLC and Associated Din-Mounted Electronics (all electronics inside cabinet are included)


This system does not include Manufacturer’s Warranty nor Manufacturer’s Support

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