6x 80 BBL Fermenters ($20,000 each)

Price: $20,000

We have 6x 80 BBL Premier Stainless conical fermenters in excellent condition for sale. Commissioned July, 2018, with only 2 years of service. Purchaser is responsible for rigging and transport. We can make local vendor recommendations.

Price: $20,000 per fermenter.

OEM: Premier Stainless
Operating Capacity: 80 BBLs
Headspace: 25%
Tank Diameter: 87.6”
Tank Height: 204.4”
Empty weight: 3550 pounds

Other Details
3x glycol jackets (1” NPT), 3x thermocouple well (½” NPT), 1x CIP arm, 1x Blow-off arm, 1x racking arm, 2x instrumentation/sample ports. 60˚ conical. All 1.5” Tri-Clamp unless otherwise specified. (2” TC bottom cone and valve,6” TC dry-hop port). 530mmx430mm manway.

Contact [email protected] to purchase or with any questions!

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