300L (79G) Toscana Inox Variable Capacity Stainless Steel Tank / Fermenter

Price: $550

Toscana Inox tanks are stamped out of high quality stainless steel,  a smooth mirror finish on the inside for optimal cleanliness textured on the outside for an impressive look. The tanks include an air lock, a spigot, a 100%  adjustable lid which is sealed with an inflatable tube, and a hand pump/gauge.

Key Features:
All 18/10 AISI 304 Stainless Steel.
Exterior has a textured finish
Floating pneumatic lid with airlock, hand air pump/gauge, and inflatable seal
Floating lid makes adjusting capacity easy to provide minimum head space
Ideal for fermenting and aging red or white wine.
Flat bottom tank with ball valve spigot

Capacity (gal): 79
Capacity (L): 300
Ø (in): 25
Ø (mm): 640
Tank Height (in): 39
Tank Height (mm): 1000
Side Thickness (ga): 22
Side Thickness (mm): 0.7
Bottom Thickness (ga): 21
Bottom Thickness (mm): 0.8
Tap Size: 3/4″
Tri Clamp: None
Jacket and Temp Well: No
Door and Sight Glass: No
Legs: No
Sample Valve: No
Arm: No

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