SS Brewtech 1BBL Pilot System

Price: $15,000

*Local Pickup Only*

14k OBO – like new, only used a few times.

1 bbl | Electric Brewhouse


3 heating elements (Boil Kettle, HLT, and RIMS)

Internal Calandria around Boil heating elements

Tangential whirlpool port

Stainless hard pipping throughout with valve tree

Perlick Style sampling valve

Detachable CIP arm

Sparge ring

Combo Vorlauf/Strike water fill port

Dedicated underlet leg

Proportional heating element control with Omron PID Controllers combined with dynamic voltage adjustability

Main control panel with HLT, Mash, Kettle, and heat exchanger temp readouts

Dedicated pump control switches

Dual cart mounted electrical service panels

Ships fully assembled and ready to brew

1 bbl final batch size

20% kettle headspace

2.5mm kettle wall thickness

2B Mill Finish

1” process piping

1” ID butterfly valves, sight glasses, and TC gaskets

1 Square Meter Heat Exchanger surface area

74″ width x 52″ height x 40″ depth


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