Colorado Brew Systems Dual 3bbl Brewhouse (PENDING SELL)

Price: $12,000

It was to be the start of a new brewery until the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite our best efforts, we here at TableTalk Brewhouse need to part with these assets in the hopes that they can bring life to your new venture.  This is a proven brewhouse used in commercial production for 2 years before it was disassembled and stored. Can provide contact information to previous brewer for questions/advice.

The brewhouse is electric with (2) 3bbl kettles with removable steel mesh mash containers. It has the ability to produce (2) 3bbl batches of different styles or (1) 6bbl batch. The brewhouse comes with an automated control panel with customizable recipe timers for mash out and hop additions. It also has a waterflow meter for mashing and sparging. There are also (2) plate chillers w/pumps to recirculate your wort for cooling and transferring.

Willing to deliver locally. Delivery charge may apply. Delivery beyond 100 miles will need to be set up by purchaser.

From all of us at TableTalk, we wish you much success and happy brewing.

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