Cask MCS 2 head filler and seamer, AP 360 Labeler

Listed: 10/03/2022

Price: $12,000

Cask MCS 2 head filler and seamer with stainless tables on castors, and rinse station, AP360 label applicator with stainless table. This machine does 12 oz sleek cans, 16 oz and 12 oz beer cans with a simple adjustment and with low DO. I will include both canning tables for ball and crown cans, 2 heavy duty extension cords, manuals and all other spare parts we have on hand. It does 8 cases an hour and is perfect for a small brewbup doing small amounts of packaging. It’s been a great machine and Cask has been great on the support side, we’ve just grown out of it. Purchaser pays shipping costs. Please contact me with any other questions you may have, cheer

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