5 BBL Electric Brewhouse Turnkey System

Listed: 12/19/2022

Price: $130,000

Excellent condition used ABE 5 BBL Electric 2-Vessel Brewhouse, Unitanks, Keg washer, Kegs and Crowler seamer ready for the next start-up brewery. System was purchased new in 2021 and has only brewed 20 batches. The turnkey system includes the following:

– 5bbl 2 Vessel Manual Electric Brewhouse

  • Completely self-contained, turn-key brewhouse
  • Hot/Cold Liquor Blending Assembly, Hot/Cold Liquor Blending Assembly, Single Stage Heat Exchanger, Wort Aeration Assembly, Wort Aeration Assembly, Hoses, Hot/Cold Liquor Pump System, Stainless steel piping, Hot Liquor Tank Control Box, Manual 1 Head Keg Filler, Dewalt air compressor

– (1) 10bbl Electric Stainless Steel Hot Liquor Tank

– (4) 10bbl Stainless Steel Fermentation / Uni Tank

– 8 Tank Glycol Temperature Control Panel

– 5 Ton Commercial Water/Glycol Chiller System

– Fillmore Keg Washer, Single detergent tank, automated

– Crowler Nation – Gold Standard Seamer

– (120) 1/2 BBL Kegs & (10) 1/4 BBL Kegs

This complete system and equipment priced today is well over $160K. Additional clamps, fittings, hoses and accessories are included. Loading and shipping are buyers responsibility.

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