Newlands/NSI 5hl. Electric complete system.

Listed: 02/05/2023

Price: $60,000

This is a 1997 Newlands/NSI (north american stainless with copper trim) electric fired combi system. Mash/Lauter(v-wire) over A single element HLT beside a dual element kettle whirlpool. Wort grant. 1hp. Vorlauf pump. 1.5 hp knock out pump. 2x 5hl. Conical jacketed unitanks and 3x 5hl. Jacketed brites. There is also a Century brand 10bbl. conical unitank. C.I.P./cart pump, divertor panel, valves, fittings, 3 heat exchangers, assortment of hoses. This equipment experienced smoke damage(only) there are pvc items on the tanks that show they did not get overheated. 2/3 of the equipment has already been cleaned. Foaming caustic cleans it right up. I have pricing available for new controls(1997 electronics are antique) for heating elements, level sensors, pumps, and glycol, from a local programmable logic engineer and brewery equipment builder. I have extensive documentation for this system. I am not interested in breaking up the system unless you want the 10bbl. Fermentor by itself for $7,000.

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