50 Liter Kegs

Listed: 03/25/2023

Price: $70

I have approximately 250 50L Schaefer ECO kegs that were recovered from a brewery that went out of business.  I purchased these kegs for them and got them back. 


They were special order, identifiable and stack very easily and stable.  The picture shows them stacked 5 high in my shop.  In the brewery, we stacked them 3 high with no concern of toppling. (It takes two people to safely stack them 3 high when full.)


Some are new.  All have been cleaned but I’m sure you’ll want to use your own sanitization procedure when you receive them.  The stick on labels around some of them will be removed prior to shipping.


New kegs – $90 each.

Used Kegs – $70 each.


I can put up to 32 on a pallet (stacked 4 high).  I will update this post with additional pictures of the kegs.  I will update the quantity available as they are sold.

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