4) 15BBL Brite / Serving tanks, Single wall

Listed: 03/21/2023

Price: $5,000

Looking for a reliable, high-capacity fermentation vessel for your brewery? Look no further than this double stack fermentation vessel! With a 15.3 BBL capacity and optional horizontal double stack, this vessel is perfect for walk-in cooler placement and can handle even the biggest brewing jobs. We currently have 4 tanks still available.

Here are some of the key features of this vessel:

-ASME flange and dished end heads for durability and safety
-Swing in/lift out side man-way for easy access
-Adjustable PRV with 1.5″ TC fitting for precise pressure control
-Vacuum breaker on 2″ TC fitting for added safety
-CIP downtube, arm, and sprayball for easy cleaning
-SS pressure gauge and cap for accurate readings
-1.5″ TC sample port with Perlick sample ball valve for sampling
-1.5″ port with TC to carbonation stone assembly for carbonation
-1.5″ TC outlet with TC to butterfly valve for easy draining
-3/8″ barbs on top and bottom of vessel for sight hose
-Graduation for sight
-Support brackets and adjustable feet for stability
-Includes all essential TC and gaskets

And here are the specifications for this vessel:

Dry weight: 1,000 lbs
Loaded weight: 9,200 lbs
Dimensions: 90″ long, 42″ OD, 102″ double stack height
This double stack fermentation vessel is in excellent condition and is ready to help you take your brewing operation to the next level. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a viewing.

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