4) 15BBL Brite / Serving tanks, Single wall

Listed: 08/10/2022

Price: $5,000

Horizontal double stack optional, single wall for walk in cooler placement, 15.3 BBL capacity, ASME flanges and dished end heads. Per SV: swing in/lift out side man-way, adjustable PRV with 1.5″ TC fitting, vacuum breaker on 2″ TC fitting, assembly for prv and vb to connect to CIP, CIP down-tube, CIP arm and spray-ball, ss pressure gauge, ss cap, 1.5″ TC sample port with perlick sample ball valve, 1.5″ port with TC to carbonation stone assembly, 1.5″ TC outlet with TC to butterfly valve, 3/8″ barbs on top and bottom of vessel for sight hose, graduation for sight, 2 upper tanks have bottom support brackets to attach to lower tanks, 2 lower tanks have top support brackets to attach to upper tanks, 2 lower tanks have 4 adjustable ss feet with 2 6″ diameter ss foot pads, includes all essential TC and gaskets Note the following dimensions and weights are for 2 vessels stacked one on top of another and bolted together: 1,000 lbs dry & 9,200 lbs loaded 90″ long, 42″ OD, 102″ double stack height $5,000 for a single tank $9,500 for 2 $18,000 for all 4

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