5bbl Stout Turnkey Brewery + 4 Brand New ABS Unitanks

Listed: 09/22/2023

Price: $90,000

This 5bbl Stout brewery was purchased in hopes of launching a new brewery-taproom, but the build out plans were jettisoned. We purchased this equipment in October 2022 from the original owner who used it VERY lightly for 3 years. As told by the owner and made clear by the condition of the equipment, they purchased the equipment new to launch a brewpub, which ultimately focused on the pub side and ended up serving guest beers while seldom brewing their own in-house. After purchase, the equipment has since been safely held in climate-controlled storage unused for the duration of the time we’ve owned it, never having been used whatsoever. The brewery includes a 5bbl electric kettle, 5bbl electric HLT w/ herms coil, 5bbl insulated mash tun, 2 1hp floor pumps, 2 stage heat exchanger, 2 5bbl jacketed conical fermenters, 1 5bbl jacketed brite tank, 4 **BRAND NEW, NEVER USED** ABS 5bbl top man-way jacketed unitanks, Brewmation cellar panel, Bremation 3-phase 150amp turn key panel, semi-automatic keg washer, miscellaneous parts and hoses, and a powerful 3hp Chillstar Glycol chiller (24,600 btu/hr). Other odds and ends to mention: all tanks are built with parts, all hot-side vessels have components and elements/parts, we have 4 cellar harnesses, and an extra burner element. There are 3 keg couplers, 2 of which are for keg filling, a c02 regulator, and 02 regulators with liter/min float. The 4 brand new ABS unitanks have feet and carb-stones, again never used. Please feel free to ask questions and request additional photos of specific items. Willing to entertain selling individual items.

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