Electric All-Grain Brewing System For Sale

Price: $2,500

Quantity Description
1 Grainfather All-Grain Brewing System
1 Grainfather Grain Coat Insulation Jacket
1 Hop Spider for Grainfather
1 Grainfather Sparge Water Heater
1 Blichmann Therminator Wort Chiller
2 Blichmann Thrumometer
1 BrewJacket Immersion Pro Wort Heater/Chiller
1 Captain Crush Grain Mill
1 March Pump
1 Submersible Pump
1 Hanna Digital Refractometer
1 LaMotte BrewLab Basic Water Test Kit
1 pH56 Deluxe pH Meter
1 Stir Plate
2 Large Mash Paddles (Steel + Oak)
1 Big Mouth Bubbler Glass Carboy with extra lids
6 cases Brown 12 oz Bottles & Racks
12 Aluminum Growlers
2 Bottle Cappers (1 bench, 1 hand-held)
1 Oak (Rye) Aging Barrel
20+ Books on Brewing, Beer Styles, etc.
? Various Fittings & Hoses, etc.

1 Blichmann BoilerMaker G2 20 gallon Kettle/Lid
1 Blichmann burner with stand

Will be sold as a set although will consider selling the kettle and burner separately. Due to bulkiness, Mid-Atlantic region inquiries preferred.

[email protected]

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