3BBL Single Walled Fermenters

Price: $2,250

Stout single walled fermenters available.  Have been used for a half dozen years with great success, but we out grew them….They are great for room conditioned space (air conditioner does great) or have a couple with coils for a glycol set up.   4 regular for $2250 each or 2 with wheels at $2750 and 2 with coils for $2750 all are about 15-20% off new price and ready to go…no tax or shipping or delay on availability if you pick up….expand today!

Material: Premium Virgin 304 Stainless Steel
Maximum Capacity: 125 gallons of brew

Features of this 3 bbl fermenter:

Cooling coil
Coil is 5/8″ OD x 74′ long and approx. 1.13 square meters surface area with ½” NPT connections
Lid with 3″ tri-clamp port and 1/2″ x 90-degree hose barb
Welded-on legs for easy maneuverability
Approx. 4 psi pressure capable
1.5″ tri-clamp thermowell with 3” dial thermometer
1.5” bottom outlet with elbow, 1.5” cone outlet
(2) 1.5″ butterfly valves

Diameter = 31.5″; height = 66″; steel gauge = 2mm (cone & top), 1.5mm (side wall)


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