1bbl Completed Systwm

Listed: 02/08/2023

Price: $25,000

1bbl Stout Tanks setup, dual 5500W elements in both the Kettle and the HLT. Control panel is an Electric Brewing Supply panel, and was bulletproof in my 3 years running it. Wort moves via a couple Chugger Pumps, with a little open top grant. HLT has a recirc coil to hold mash temps, or do some light step mashing.

5 SS Brewtech fermenters with cooling coils. I used a chest freezer  and circulated water to control temps and crash. Also one Stout 2bbl tank, and one Stout 1bbl tank. Everything is 1.5 TC fittings, so that’s nice.

It’s a nice system to run, I made some solid beers on that thing.

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