30bbl Pacific Brewing Brewhouse, BK, MT, HLT, CLT, boiler — more! Ready to Ship from California.

Listed: 01/02/2024

Price: $59,900

I had the brewhouse decommissioned a few weeks ago by a professional crew. It is in Stockton California, and we can ship to you (have done this many times before) — inquire about shipping if interested.

Here are the bullets:

  • Pacific Brewing Systems: Multi-Vessels 
  • Digital Controls, Includes 30bbl Boil Kettle, Mash Tun with rake, Wort Receiver, 40bbl Hot Liquor tank, more!
  • Several pumps, all piping, stand, digital control etc.
  • Alfa Laval Heat Exchanger.
  • Boiler included. Rarely do I include a boiler. This one looks solid but buyer be aware of the boiler as they sometimes need work .
  • Rigging and Freight extra! But I can assist in both aspects. 
  • shoot me a text please if interested 317-364-1467 
  • or email me at [email protected]
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