DK Technologies Counterpressure Bottler & Canner

Price: $28,000

12 cans or bottles per minute, counter pressure filling, can/bottle pre-rinse, pre-purge, pneumatic capper, lid presenter, and Angelus pneumatic operation seamer.  This is an incredibly versatile system and can be used with still or carbonated products, alcoholic or non-alcoholic. We purchased this system last September, the previous owner still needed it for another six weeks, then drop shipped it back to the factory for us to add the full canning module and to give the system a full check out.  Between holidays, pandemics, a two week disappearance in the shipping system, and customers in line in front of us, we did not receive it until late March and we’d picked up a brewing contract that is going to require something faster so this needs to go. We did un-crate this and verify operation of all components, it’s ready to go. Unit had been used for a few years by the previous owner for bottling.  Comes with all parts and tooling for bottling or canning plus some spare parts for regular maintenance.  Seamer is all brand new, it’s a compact system, approximately 8′ long, 2′ deep and 6′ tall.  It’s factory mounted on a stand with casters.  115 single phase power throughout, requires air & CO2, will run with a smaller compressor, fill from kegs, Brite Tanks, or other vessels. This is a very flexible full-featured system which will allow you to do 12, 16, or 19 cans (202 ends) . Heritage, stubby, bombers, etc. on the bottling side. Machine is in excellent, near-new, overall condition ready to ship now.

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