Keggernaut Semi-Auto Keg Washer

Listed: 05/02/2023

Price: $11,500

The Semi-Automatic Keg Washer features a Siemens interface, giving brewers/beverage makers full touch-screen control over wash cycle timing and temperature settings. With two cleaning stations the Keggernaut Beer Keg Washer is designed to wash two kegs of any size and is capable of cleaning up to 30 kegs per hour depending on the length of the wash cycle. Simply engage the couplers invert the kegs and press start! Kegs are automatically washed sanitized and pressurized within minutes. By using this semi-auto beer keg cleaning equipment, you have quick and easy access to all the transport containers you could ever need for your product. So, if you’re interested in having a keg washing system for your own brewery, contact us at CraftMaster Stainless. You can also review the features and specifications of this commercial keg cleaning equipment by reading the list below.


Easy-to-use Siemens PLC and touch-screen interface
Cleans Up To 40 Kegs Per Hour (Depending on cycle times)
Electric immersion heated located in Caustic tank
Two 20 gallon holding tanks (sanitizer and caustic)
Sanitizer and Caustic Recovery
Low Fluid Level Sensors
Compact design and durable construction
Straight-line piping and valve design to ensure thorough washing
Top-of-the-line accessories and components from the industry’s top suppliers
PLC program allows fully adjustable cycle timing
14 Programmable Cleaning Cycles
Built in low flow pulse cycles for cleaning the keg spear
Caustic tank temperature control, heating element
Sanitary stainless steel contact components and process piping
Powerful, yet virtually silent 1.5hp Full wash down pump
6’ Electric Cord, Male plug L15-30
Micro Matic manual couplers to secure to kegs prior to lifting kegs onto washer platform
Pressure regulators for incoming compressed air and CO2
Pressure transducer for adjustable and proper pressurization of CO2

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