Keg Washer ……$10,800 in stock now. Your best employee!

Price: $10,800

KEY FEATURES Easy-to-use Siemens PLC and touch-screen interface Cleans Up To 40 Kegs Per Hour (Depending on cycle times) Electric immersion heated Two tanks (sanitizer and caustic) Compact design and durable construction Straight-line piping and valve design to ensure thorough washing Top-of-the-line accessories and components from the industry’s top suppliers PLC program allows fully adjustable cycle timing Built in low flow cycles for cleaning the keg spear Wash tank temperature controls Sanitary stainless steel contact components and process piping Powerful, yet virtually silent pumps Manual couplers secured to kegs prior to lifting kegs onto washer platform Pressure regulators for incoming compressed air and CO2 Pressure transducer for adjustable and proper pressurization of CO2 SEMI-AUTOMATIC KEG WASHER – REQUIREMENTS: Air source  50-100 psi CO2 source  30-45 ps Water source 40-60psi 208/230V 60hz  3 Phase Power Standard (Other Options Available) CLEANING CYCLE PROCESS: Drain – any remaining fluid in the keg is drained. Keg Rinse – this cycle helps to maximize the effectiveness of the cleaning agent. Super Clean – the heated high pressure wash combined with the cleaning agent ensures the kegs are thoroughly cleaned. Keg Rinse – a second rinse cycle ensures cleaning agent is properly flushed. CO2-Flush any remaining water from rince or air is evacuated from keg. Final Purge – Keg is pressurized with CO2 to desired P.S.I

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