3.5bbl Uni-Tanks, New $4,700.00 each!!!

Listed: 05/02/2023

Price: $4,700

You can’t brew top-notch beer in just any fermentation container. Our jacketed unitanks provide only the best specifications for the fermentation, maturation, and sedimentation stages of the beermaking process. In fact, these conical vessels can even serve as a specialized brite tank for beer carbonation with the right fittings. This feature makes our stainless-steel beer fermentation tanks the ideal solution for smaller brewery facilities that need to conserve space. Scroll down to read a list of our different unitank fermenter specs and price ranges. You can even give us a call at the number listed with any questions you may have. Our team of brewery equipment specialists can walk you through the process of choosing the right model of unitanks for your needs.

Interior/Exterior Tig welded 304 Stainless Steel
3mm interior tank wall thickness
2mm exterior shell wall thickness
3” Thick polyurethane insulation on shell and cone (chloride free)
2B sanitary interior polish (pickled and passivated)
4N exterior polish (sanitary)
Adjustable feet with anchor holes
Operating pressure 20psi (Tested at 30psi)
3/4” FNPT for glycol attachment
Full rotating racking arm/ DIN Fitting (Din Fitting Wrench Included)
Full shadow less side man way door (15”x17”)
20psi pressure/vacuum relief valve
Thermometer Gauge With 8” Long Thermo well
Perlick style sample valve
Oversized 2” bottom outlet with 2”-1.5” reducer (included)
1/2” FNPT for RTD temp control, 8” thermowell (RTD not included)
CIP arm with 2.5” spinning spray ball and 360deg of coverage
Dedicated blow off tube, This way you’re are not blowing off through your CIP Ball!
2 piece 10” carbonation stone with ball valve
0-45 PSI, Sanitary 1.5″ Tri-Clamp Pressure Gauge
Stainless steel handle Butterfly valves
60deg cone bottom with 20% head space
All necessary EPDM gaskets and Hardware included
All Jacketed unitanks have Hop Ports, 3.5bbl to 10bbl sizes include a 4” Hop Port Opening, 15bbl to 30bbl sizes will include a 8” Hop Port, Any sizes above 30bbl will not include this option.


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