10-barrel Newlands Brew House

Listed: 02/20/2023

Price: $150,000

Triumph Brewing Company has one very well-maintained brew house and associated brewing equipment for sale in Princeton, New Jersey.The equipment has been under the care of one owner, is in superb condition for 28 years of service and has no liens. All jackets have performed well during the brewery’s life and we are unaware of any defects, other than a couple minor scratches.


1 Engl two roller mill.

1 Chore-Time flex auger.

1 Newlands stainless steel grist case, ceiling-mounted (750# grist capacity).

1 Newlands single-infusion mash tun.

1 Newlands SMS diverter panel with platform, transfer piping, valves and fittings.

1 Newlands 10-barrel kettle. Two low-pressure steam jackets with stainless condensing stack.

1 Newlands 16-barrel hot liquor tank, single jacket.

2 Vicarb heat exchangers.

6 Newlands 10-barrel unitanks (single jacket) with PLC control panel.

12 Newlands 10-barrel single wall storage tanks. Each tank equipped with CO2 sinter, PRV, sight glass and stand pipe.

1 Della-Toffola pressure leaf DE filter.

Hoses, a few buckets of parts, valves and other miscellaneous parts.

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