Used Elliott Bay 4 bbl D/F Brewery

Listed: 05/03/2023

Price: $36,000

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Item is a used brewsystem that was last in operation in a small brewpub. The brewhouse was built by Elliott Bay Brewing in the Pacific Northwest. This is a direct fired brehwouse with some really nice features including:

-Ellliott Bay 4bbl direct fired brewkettle/whirlpool – 7′ tall x 42″ OD, whirlpool inlet, CIP, digital temp controller, vent stack, internal trub dam, lifting eyes.

-Elliottt Bay 4 bbl MLT with false bottom and side door for grain out – open top with lid, perforated false bottom, sparge arm, 40″ OD x 5″ tall (42″ straight side)

-Brewhouse platform, 41″ deep x 3′ wide x 62″ tall (2′ base)

-Heat exchanger, Thermaline, single stage

-Brewhouse pump, centrifugla, 1ph

-(2) Instantaneous on demand hot water heaters

-Portable pump on cart – centrifugal, stainless, single phase

-Some miscellaneous brewers hose

-(4) 4 bbl Elliott Bay, conical jacketed fermenters, 8′ tall x 36″ OD, racking port, CIP, PRV, side manway, single zone jacket

-(1) 4 bbl Elliott Bay jacketed brite tank, 78″ tall x 34″ OD, side manway, CIP, PRV, single zone jacket

-(2) Glacier 4 bbl jacketed brite tanks, side manway, CIP, PRV, jacketed side wall, 78″ tall x 38″ OD

-(1) Criveller 5 bbl jacketed brite tank, side manway, full body dimple jacket (no insulation/cladding), stand pipe, CIP, PRV, 78″ tall x 34″ OD

-Forced air burner with stainless housing – set up for natural gas but can be converted to propane

-Small open top conical fermenter (approx 1 bbl) – for use during CIP or could be repurposed for other uses

-Boxes of miscellaneous valves, fittings, tc clamps/gaskets, PRV’s, etc.

-3 bin stainless sink for brewery use

The system was in use until approx 2020 and has been in dry storage since that time. It is a compact brewhouse that is designed to fit in a small space and utilizes hose for transfer and flow control. We can offer support equipment to make this a trunkey package. Inquire about a mill, chiller, and double batch tanks.


Selling Price – $36,000

Jason – 503-780-4681

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