VA Filtration CF8-6-SPM Crossflow Filter

Price: $40,000

Pacific Winemaking, CF8-6-SPM VA Filtration Crossflow filter with 6 membranes. We’ve been running this in our cidery for the last 2 and a half years. Buyer is responsible for shipping/freight.  We also have a transformer to go with it if your facility requires a step up to 3 phase.

Dimensions of the filter: L97″xW50″xH90″


Below is a summary from the manufacturer. Please contact if you’d like to see the manual.

Our crossflow systems are designed with simplicity in mind. The systems are based on mobile
wine filtration experience spanning the last 8 years. The systems use a unique spiral wound
PVDF membrane designed for quality of filtration. These system operate at lower fluxes when
compared to traditional hollow fiber systems, but integrity failure due to broken straws is not an
issue when using flat sheet spiral wound membrane elements. The membrane elements are
also replaceable at a much lower cost when compared to spiral wound systems.
Our semi-automatic system, the CF8-6-600SA makes use of 6 x 8” membrane elements with a
total surface area of 168 m2. It is semi-automatic in operation and can be programmed for a
pre-set batch filtration volume. Once that volume is reached, the system will shut off
automatically. When filtration is complete, the system is purged manually along with the
cleaning cycle. The system includes a small CIP tank, all necessary piping, flow meters and
pressure sensors.
Features include, but are not limited to, the following
• Auto shut down on no-flow conditions and over pressurization • 6/ 8 Element or 2 element operation can be selected for smaller lots • Low volume loss feature built in • On-board CIP tank
• Rotary lobe feed pump
• Goulds centrifugal sanitary pump
• Endress & Hausser magnetic flow meter
• Batch volume filtration control

The system is semi-auto in operation. Once it is up and running it is left to operate with minimal
intervention. Once the permeate drops below a set-point minimum level, the machine will shut
off automatically and a clean will be required.
The system will also shut down on a no-flow situation – for instance if the feed tank runs out of
liquid or a valve is closed on the feed side in error.
The system can be left unattended during filtration runs. It can be set to recirc back to the feed
tank or in most cases operates on a feed and continued recirc basis. Once the end of the
filtration cycle is reached, the wine in the membrane modules is purged to the on-board CIP
tank for processing through 2 modules only. This results in a loss per run of 20 gallons.
These are the same machines that we operate for our mobile fleet.
• Designed, tested and manufactured in the USA • Rotary lobe feed pump – standard • Easy to operate • Inexpensive replacement modules when compared to hollow fiber systems • Minimum operator intervention required • Easy to clean using off the shelf chemicals • High pressure shut-off – standard • Low flow shut-off – standard • Batch volume control – standard • Ability to run 2 or 6 membranes separately – standard • Low volume loss per lot with 2 membrane loss reduction system – standard

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