Full Turnkey 10bbl Steam Brewery 80 BBL Brewhouse

Listed: 11/07/2023

Price: $180,000

Complete Turnkey Steam Powered 10BBL Brewhouse with 6 10BBL fermenters and 2 10bbl Brite Tanks located in the Portland Area. Brewhouse manufactured in Canby Oregon USA. Selling as a complete package. This is a fully functioning brewery with 80bbls fermentation space, and everything is in perfect working condition.

  • Grain Mill RMS Grain Mill
  • Grain Chain Auger System
  • Fully Computer Controlled Brewhouse  – pumps, rake control, grant tank, steam jackets with temperature control.
  • Insulated Mashtun – 800 lbs of grain capacity.Hydrator, Sparge arm, CIP, Rake with plow.
    • Grant Tank with automatic or manual pump control.
  • 10 bbl Boil Kettle with stainless steel vent stack included. Two zones of steam control on boil kettle, bottom and sides.
    • Whirlpool arm with great cone formation
    • Hop Dam for heavily hopped beers
    • SS Vent housing included
  • Thermaline Plate Chiller with water and glycol phase.
  • 20 BBL Steam Powered HLT with CIP, Thermowell
  • Full Brewhouse mounted on single skid for easy installation.
  • All 6 fermenters have no pitting or signs of aging, they all hold pressure and are used as unitanks with carb stones, adjustable racking arms and 3 inch hop dosing ports.
  • The 2 Brtite tanks have a dished bottom with a pickup tube allowing them to be used as lagering tanks if desired, sight tubes and sampling ports.
  • All Fermenters and Brite tanks come with all necessary tri clamps, new manway gaskets, Zwickels, PRV’s, Carb stones, caps and pressure gauges and independent tank mounted RANCO temp controllers.
  • CPE pump cart – 2HP variable speed.
  • Portable 10 gallon tank with false bottom used for cold side favoring / hopping additions included.
  • All Sanitary Brewery Lines and dump lines included with sale.
  • GPI Flowmeter
  • Lots of extra Tri Clamps for countless configurations, T fittings, extensions, 4 way fittings, sight glasses X3, multiple elbows, filters, spunding valve, caps.
  • Keg filling lines to fill 3 kegs at a time with Micromatic Sankey connections.
  • At the heart of the Brewery is a brand new Rite 63S low pressure steam boiler with CR 50 Recirc pump. All maintenance records available and boiler system used for less than 1 year. Perfect condition. low-pressure-steam-power-burner.pdf (riteboiler.com)
  • Tank Temp 5X5 Glycol chiller – with large glycol reservoir – works amazingly well with the system. TANKTEMP GLACIER SERIES™ 5X5 MULTI STAGE CHILLER AND HEATER OR CHILLER – Tanktemp
  • Cascade Stainless Solutions Premium 2 head Keg Washer CSS Keg Washers Imperial Line – Cascade Stainless Solutions, LLC (cascade-stainless.com)
  • Selling with about 100 1/2 BBL Kegs, 30 1/6 BBL kegs
  • Will include all glycol piping and steam piping currently used by the system.
  • Selling entire brewhouse. Can include SOP’s and work with the buyer for a smooth transaction – working with a consultant with over a decade of experience selling and shipping brewery equipment.

For more pictures visit the google drive photo site and request access to view the photos.


Email: joe@liftbrewing if interested.

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