5BBL Brewhouse located Costa Rica

Price: $75,000

A. Brewhouse (Mash System)  All installed in 2017.

1.       Mash/lauter   2. Brewkettle/whirpool  3. Wort Pump  4. Heat Exchanger

5.       Work Platform  6. Brewhouse pipeline  7. Wort Oxygenate System  8. Rake

B. Hot water System

1. Hot Water tank 10 BBL     2. Hot water pump      3. Pipelines and valves

C. Fermentation System

1. Fermentation tanks 5 BBL – Quantity (5)    2. Beer Hose 200 feet – 60.96 M

D. Glycol chiller and Glycol pump

1. Chiller Naser NWS-12ACL 240V/3Phase/60Hz 12HP R22Gas   12HP (New 2018) & 5 HP original     2. Glycol Pump

E. Control System

1. Control Box   2. Temperature Inspection   3. Control & Signal Wire

F. Beer Kegs

1. 1/6 barrel Sankey d kegs (100)

Request pdf for complete specifications and drawings

Jinan NFE Machinery https://www.nfebrew.com/product/8/

Accepting bids for complete system sale through 11/30/2021.  System can be viewed in operation in Costa Rica.

De-installation is purchaser responsibility and at purchasers’ sole cost.  Special restrictions for removal apply.  In addition to sale price, a $15,000 damage deposit required to cover any damages to working restaurant.  Removal process must be completed during hours of 11 pm and 7 am.  Will require the services of professional carpenter to at minimum remove internal fence and attached tables.  All restaurant fixtures temporarily removed to enable brewery removal, must be professionally replaced in same condition, prior to daily opening of restaurant.

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