2.5 BBL Pilot Brewhouse, Fermenters and Glycol Chiller

Listed: 11/30/2022

Price: $15,000

We are parting ways with our original 2.5 BBL brewhouse. It served us well for many years but it’s time for a new home as we just don’t use it anymore.

Asking $15,000 for the entire brewhouse with stainless stand, control panel, 2 pumps, 3 Fermenters, glycol chiller and Vent Hood with Fan.

Everything includes:
– 3 Vessel Electric Blichmann Brewhouse and stainless steel stand (HLT with 2 elements and HERMS Coil, Mash Tun, Boil Kettle w/ 2 elements – All kettles are 100 gallons each)

– 50 Amp 240 Volt Single Phase Control Panel from The Electric Brewery
– 2 Blichmann Riptide pumps, numerous hoses, quick disconnects and parts
– 2 BBL Jacketed Glacier Uni-tank Fermenter – shorturl.at/gMQX2
– 2 BBL Jacketed Glacier Uni-tank Fermenter – shorturl.at/gMQX2
– 1 BBL (42 gallon) Blichmann Fermenator Conical Fermenter

– UBC Chiller ¾ Horsepower with 2 pumps – shorturl.at/ahIY3

– Stainless Steel Kitchen Exhaust hood with Vortex Fan

All equipment was decommissioned around 2 years ago. We brewed on it 3-4 times per week up until we upgraded to a 10bbl brewhouse. Please contact for additional pictures of all the equipment.

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